I was born and raised in Hattiesburg Mississippi during what I believe was a special, pivotal, and unequaled time of musical invention, inspiration, and creativity- the 60's and 70's. There was always music around my house from The Beatles to Simon and Garfunkle to Black Sabbath- what was popular at the time- and I LOVED it! Finally got my first guitar, which was a Telestar electric from a big box department store, and I was in heaven. I taught myself how to play by learning how to make a few chords that were illustrated in a Mel Bay instruction book and sitting down listening to records, over and over, and trying to imitate what I heard. High School and young adulthood came with part- time day jobs and playing in different bands like The Shapes, The Rub, and FX. Life goes on and happenings happen and several years later, I found myself  diving deeper into the music performance scene. Forming bands like Momma's Crush, SmuDDge, and Susie & the Q's, the guitar skills I nurtured early on were sharpened and honed and I began performing solo acoustic shows. Now, over the past several years, I've built up quite a repertoire of cover songs. Most of my original music is tailored for a full band, but many can be played "unplugged." I feel so lucky and thankful to be able to do the thing I love the most as a career!